David Senior
David Senior
"The fun starts here Jimbo"

First Appearance:

The New Sofa

Last Appearance:

The New Sofa

Portrayed by:

Tom Courtenay

David Senior Best is a character in The Royle Family. He first and only appears in The New Sofa.&nbsp


David Senior is the father of Dave. He is married to Jocelyn Best and has a cheerful personality and is known to call Jim, Jimbo.

He is first mentioned in series 1 when he is known to be on a disability allowance because he has a bone disease and Jim is annoyed because he has to pay for everything of the wedding while David Sr is paying nothing.

He is also known to go to bed early around 9 o' clock, one example being when Denise and Dave attended Dave's, Mum's birthday and she was upset because David Senior went to bed early.

After Baby David is born, when the subject of his Post Office savings account comes up it is revealed that David Senior and Joceyln give about £25 towards it while Jim gives £1. This doesn't last long as Denise empties it regulary for all her gift needs.

He is also mentioned to have had dandruff and a dry crevice at various times during the series.

He is first seen in "The New Sofa" when he and Jocelyn are invited along with Jim and Barbara to Christmas Dinner and David and Denise's house. Again Jim is dreading it and has to bear his terrible jokes and rhubarb wine which usually gives him the shites. But he starts to take a likeness to him when he mistakes Twiggy for being Gay when he actually came out of prison.