List of episodes of The Royle Family.

Series 1Edit

1. Bills, Bills, Bills

2. Making Ends Meet

3. Sunday Afternoon

4. Dad's Birthday

5. Another Women

6. Wedding Day

Series 2Edit

1. Pregnancy

2. Sunday Lunch

3. Nana's Coming To Stay

4. Nana Comes to Stay

5. Barbara Finally Has Enough

6. Antony's Birthday

7. Christmas with the Royle Family

Series 3Edit

1. Baby

2. Babysitting

3. Decorating

4. Funeral

5. London

6. The Christening

7. The Royle Family at Christmas


1. The Queen of Sheba

2. The New Sofa

3. The Golden Egg Cup

4. Joe's Crackers

5. Barbara's Old Ring

Charity SpecialsEdit

1. Children in Need Special (2008)

2. Comic Relief Special (2009)

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